We all know how difficult it can be when you enter a new church for the first time. It is compounded when you are new to a community and don’t know many people. We salute your courage and invite you to be our guest. 


What do I wear?
Some folks dress up and others dress down. Sometimes a person will wear a coat and a tie one week and jeans the next. Wear what you want and you will fit in just fine.
Will I be singled out?
Absolutely not… but we would like a record of your attendance and to give you a welcoming gift.
Will someone show up at my house?
Not unless you would like a visit. Seriously… we promise.
Do you have a nursery?
Yes! We have a designated nursery area with a computerized check-in system where your children will be well-loved and kept safe by staff members and volunteers who have been thoroughly screened and trained.
Are you the Presbyterian in the news lately?
No. There are many types of Presbyterians. The word “presbytery” simply refers to a type of church government and a reformed tradition in worship. At Goodlettsville Church, we are a biblically conservative, evangelical body of believers. We are not legalistic, liberal or overtly liturgical. For detailed information on what we believe and what a CP church is, click here and visit our “what we believe” page.
When you come to church you will find the entrance to the church off of the parking lot in the rear of the building. You can enter the main entrance steps or use the handicap entrance on the north side of the sanctuary. You will find a welcoming foyer with someone to greet you. Before you enter the sanctuary, stop by our welcome desk and allow us to meet you and get you any information you might need. A pleasant face will be there to guide you to a discipleship class and to get your children to our Promiseland ministry for children or BRANCH for youth.
Just inside the doors of the sanctuary you will find ushers who will give you a bulletin for the day. Inside the bulletin you will find announcements, information pertinent to the worship, as well as contact information for the church and its leaders. There is a place for sermon notes in the bulletin. You will notice a visitor card in the back on the pews. We simply ask you to fill that out if you are comfortable. That is the only offering we ask of our guests. Don’t be afraid to fill it out, we will not be knocking down your door with any high pressure visit. We simply want to send you a note and get you any information you might need. An usher will be glad to show you where you can sit, otherwise feel free to sit wherever you’d like.
In worship, there will be an informal time of greeting, but don’t worry, we will not call on you and embarrass you! Words to songs will be found in the songbook or projected on the screen. Nothing we do will catch you off guard or make you uncomfortable, whether it’s your first time in church or your thousandth. Following the worship, our pastor will be in the lobby and would enjoy meeting you. Our worship usually lasts around an hour and fifteen minutes so you will be able to beat the Baptists and Methodists to lunch! We hope you’ll join us!