Our Future

As Goodlettsville Church moves into the future we will strive all the more to be family united together under the banner of Jesus Christ. We are purposefully multi-generational and celebrate that in our worship together. Grandmas and grandpas worship with teenage grand-kids. Young adults join together with middle-agers. That’s the way it ought to be. You can feel this in our Worship and the teaching of God’s Word. The “family” at worship is our major event each week.
Ministry to children and youth also drive our ministry. Raising children in the love of Christ and the instruction in His word is our passion. We have dedicated much of our resources and volunteers to this end.
Goodletsville Church is also passionate about discipleship and fellowship for all ages. We believe discipleship begins with the gospel call and continues until God calls us home. We are committed to the hard work of instruction and life application of God’s word. We have opportunities for learning and fellowship for every age and we continue to develop more opportunities all the time.
Missions to our community and abroad is an important part of what we do. Our Service Ministry Team works to help the hurting and homeless in and around Goodlettsville. We support missions through our denomination’s mission program, Cumberland Presbyterian Women and other organizations. Our church sponsors mission trips regularly.
More than anything, we want to be a church that loves each other in Christ and we want to extend that love to you and your family. When people talk about our church they often remark, “That’s the friendliest church I’ve ever seen.” We are glad about that, but we strive to be more. We want to be the most loving church you have ever seen. We want to show the “Love of Christ Inside and Out!”
We invite you to come and be a part of our future and to let us be a part of yours!