We Live For a Purpose

God redeemed us to live for Him. We are most satisfied in life when we are most obedient to God’s plan for us. Each person is gifted by God to serve in His church and we will call, equip, and train for this purpose.

We Build With a Blueprint

God has given us His word as a guide to our lives and for the church. We will follow what it says and do our best to apply it to our lives. We will work together under its direction and according to the plan God has given our leaders for our church.

We Love Without Limits

We will be known for our love for one another. We will forgive, show grace and we will spend time together. We will be friends, not just acquaintances. We will open our lives and homes to new relationships and we will be involved in smaller more intimate groups within our church.

We Put People Over Preferences

Our most important ministry is to those who are not yet part of this church. We will place them above our personal wants in order to see them come to know Christ.

We Place Mission Over Tradition

We realize that we honor our heritage most when we work to leave a legacy. We will embrace our past up to the point it hinders the future. We will recognize that change does not equal loss and we will do whatever God requires of us to reach the next generation for Christ.

We Worship as a Family

Worship should be like the family meal. Something for all and We will not be bound by tradition nor will we be a slave to the current “top 50 praise and worship sings” as we plan worship. Worship should speak to people from various walks of life and give them a voice to respond to God’s revelation. Worship on earth should reflect heaven. We are purposely inter-generational with the goal of reaching children and teens for Christ. The environment determines the destination and we want to be a place where young families and their children join in the family of God.

We are Servers, Not Customers

We will not have a self-serving attitude when it comes to church. God calls us to serve Him by serving others. We are saved, trained, and equipped for this purpose.

We Assume Best Intentions

We will be a people who receive God’s grace and show it to others. We give forgiveness in advance. We will always jump to the best conclusion as “love believes and hopes all things.”

We Will Grow

Our call is to lead others to follow Christ. A church fulfilling its mission will grow. We will not apologize for this goal and we will call on each other to work toward this goal.