Bulletin – 8-16-2020


This guy!  You have to love Norb Prottsman.  He has been a great part of GCPC for several years and has been a good friend to me as well. 

Norb has recently moved back to his home state of Wisconsin to be closer to family and their support.  Although I am happy for him, I am saddened to see him go.  Norb’s service to God through GCPC has been invaluable to us.  His incredible cooking has made church meals even more delightful.  We will sure miss his treats during Community Hour.  His myriad of important acts has made GCPC a better place to worship and to fellowship.  He has been a familiar face behind the coffee bar each Sunday, making sure the congregation could wake up after my sermons!

He led numerous projects as a deacon, which has brought great improvements to our campus.  He helped teach the Challenger Class, participated in several men’s groups, and served well on our mission trip to South Africa.  More than that, Norb has been a good friend to many of us.  He is a man who understands God’s grace.  He is humble in sharing his testimony, and he is grateful for God’s mercy and love.

Underneath that sharp northern countenance beats the heart of a kind, compassionate friend who has been an example of love and service for all.  I sure hate to lose Norb to Wisconsin, but I am very happy for the church God leads him to.  I know that many of you will join me in giving thanks to God for a man who served God and us with all his heart.  I sure hope I can sit down with Norb again and fellowship here on this earth.  But if not, I am sure there will be a good Chinese buffet in heaven where we will be reunited over some sushi and spring rolls!  Norb, we thank you for your years of ministry to us, and we will surely miss you.  May God bless you as you continue your journey with Him!

 Sunday, August 16th,
 Thank you for joining us this morning with worship and preaching at Goodlettsville and Gallatin Campus. 
You may also watch online if you are unable to get out.  You are also welcome to give us your feedback on the Facebook page and communicate with one another even while the service is going on.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s bulletin. Have a blessed week and we hope to see you next week at Goodlettsville/Gallatin Church!

If you have  prayer request, please email Kathy at gcpckathy@comcast.net.  All prayer request should be submitted on Monday mornings to be added to our prayer request list.  Note: If something comes up after Monday and prayer is needed, it will be added to the list and will be reposted.  Please let Kathy know if this is for public or just for staff.

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COVID has changed the way we live.  It continues to evolve and change the way we go about everyday life. We have been faced with making tough decisions about an uncertain future. Public health, requirements for social distancing, and safety have resulted in the unfortunate decision to cancel events for the year. A Backpack Give-Away will not be held at the Goodlettsville Church Campus this year.  The Goodlettsville Chamber of Commerce announced last week that the 2020 Salty Dog Festival has also been canceled. Based on this decision and the ongoing COVID numbers, the Kars for Kids Car Show for the Samaritan Kids Ministry has also been canceled.   
The Good News is:  We will still provide backpacks and supplies to the schools.  Metro Schools will begin in August with online classes.  We have been in communication with Goodlettsville Elementary and Goodlettsville Middle School.   Each will receive backpacks and supplies for the students. 

These will be basic supplies.  All will be given to the Goodlettsville Elementary and Middle for them to distribute to the children.
This is an excellent opportunity to support the schools and students in our community, especially during COVID.  Please support the students in our community by making a monetary donation for supplies.  Checks can be made payable to GCPC Samaritan Kids Ministry.  If you would like to make a monetary donation online, you may click the down arrow and choose Samaritan Kids Ministry. 

Giving to date: $290.00 

The world premiere of a video we have been praying over, excited about, and working on getting out for over a month now. Please watch, like, and share this powerful story of God’s grace and love for us, His children.
This is an amazing story.  Please click on the link below to watch the video.


Links you need:

Promiseland/Playhouse Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/promiseland.kids/

Promiseland Kids Instagram https://www.instagram.com/promiselandkids/

Branch Student Ministry Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/241627310231/

Branch Student Ministry Instagram https://www.instagram.com/gcpcbranchyouth/

Families…don’t forget to check out
for all kinds of resources from cradle to college for them & you!  New content added every week!


Tammy Sykes

Next Gen Ministry Director

Goodlettsville/Gallatin Church



Playhouse Preschoolers

Join Ms. Madie, Ms. Allyson & Mrs. Tammy on Wednesday nights at 7 PM for “Bedtime Bible Stories”.  Zoom invites will be emailed. If you did not receive an invite to this week’s “Bedtime Bible Stories”, please let us know by messaging Tammy at gcpctammy@comcast.net for a zoom invite. 

Tammy Sykes

Next Gen Ministry Director

Church Family,

Our church directory is now available online for you to view. We hope you will find the most current information about our church family. You will be able to edit your info and add a picture of your family or yourself. If you have any questions or don’t see your information, please email Kathy at:gcpckathy@comcast.net.

Please use the link and password below to access the directory. 
Password is: gcpctn

Giving to God during COVID-19

The church is often accused of being “Consumer Christians” because of how and why they give. They often don’t give if they aren’t in worship. They don’t give if they are mad about something. They give more if they like what the church is doing. Basically, they pay for the value they think they are receiving. This is not biblical giving.

Biblical giving is the realization, in the life of a believer, that God has provided everything they have. They understand that they are stewards of HIS resources. They give unconditionally to Him in response to how much He has entrusted to them. The Body of Christ, His church, is the vehicle God has given us as a receptacle for our offerings. The church administrates these gifts under the careful oversight of pastors, elders, deacons and finance committees.

This is a time to remember that we are not consumers. We are those who have received unmerited favor and we give unconditionally to Christ through His church. We have established online giving through our websites and you are also welcomed to mail your offerings to 226 South Main Street Goodlettsville, TN 37072.

May God Bless you for your faithfulness!

Your Elders and Deacons


General Fund – $5,161.00
Total: $5,161.00
Goodlettsville Online
General Fund – $4,800.00
LAL – $185.00
Backpack Samaritan Kids – $270.00
Total: $5,255.00

Total Giving Goodlettsville – $10,416.00
Gallatin Offering
Total: $187.44
Gallatin Online
Gallatin Fund: $350.00
Total Gallatin $537.44


PLEASE NOTE ABOUT ONLINE GIVING:  When you use your credit card or debit card there is a 2.5% processing fee charged to the church.  You do not have to pay this – it is optional.  Just uncheck the box, and it will not charge you.  If you are paying by check online, there are no fees for using your checking account.  If you have any questions, please call Kathy at 615-859-5888 or 563-210-1806.

Don Brown      (615) 306.4663
Steve Cook     (615) 478.2522
Michael Davis  (615) 207.8841
Nathan Gallaher  (615) 440.8492
Gail Garrett   (615) 972.0621
Martha Hager   (615) 419.7858
Bill Hoffman (615) 202.3626
Vincent Lopez   (615) 596.8629
Cheryl Resha   (615) 838.4028
Roy Ayers  (615) 927.6040
Chris Broander   (615) 330.3977
Greg Edrington  (615) 626.5339
Dianne Harden  (615) 310.2276
Keith Ford  (615) 473.2640
Cody Richardson  (615) 207.2639
Theresa Stanfill  (615) 430.9061
Dwight Thomas  (615) 906.2223
Evan Tomlin (615) 803.0542
Sharon Been   (615) 812.6948
Ted Brown  (615) 707.0935


Vincent Lopez   (615) 596.8629

Roy Ayers  (615) 927.6040

Jerry and Teressa Broander
Cindy Jones


Check out our online giving…It is easy to use, and you can run it through your checking, credit, or debit card.  It is safe and secure, and you can designate it to different funds. Also, you can see what you have given throughout the year.  If you have any questions, please call Kathy Dawson at 615.859.5888 or 563.210.1806.  You may also click on the link below to sign-up for online giving!  We hope you will give it a try!  https://www.goodlettsville.church/give/


Instructions on how to text to give. 

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