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Dear Friends,
The leaders of GCPC have been diligent in following the course of COVID-19 and responding to the situation in a manner that we hope will protect our people as well as meet their spiritual needs.  There is no prescribed way to go through such unprecedented times, and much thought, prayer, research, and discussion has gone into the decisions so far. 

As we continue down this path, we are concerned with several things.  One, the spiritual well-being of the members of GCPC is our first priority.  We know that if we live a long and healthy life but don’t know and follow Jesus, it will be a life lived in vain.  We are deeply concerned about you and your family in this regard.  Along this line, we desire to live by faith, not fear.  We are the “assembled together ones” as His church, and we don’t minimize the importance of corporate worship, fellowship, and study. 

Second, we acknowledge that COVID-19 is a real threat, and we want to protect our people from the risk of illness and death as much as possible. While we know the risks are low for most, they are very dangerous for some.  Additionally, we want to be good witnesses to the world that we value life, senior citizens, and doing our part to protect one another.  With these things in mind, the elders have decided the following:

  1. Goodlettsville:  We will not meet for at least two more Sundays.  Goodlettsville is in Davidson County, and the numbers therein are some of the highest in the nation.  Several Goodlettsville citizens are now infected, and it is close to us all.  The general population of our Goodlettsville campus is older, and we have more families with children, and we cannot offer children’s ministry safely at this time.  Our worship from the Goodlettsville campus will be aired on Facebook and YouTube Sunday mornings at 9 am.  We strongly encourage you to join each other then.  Invite others to join you.  Please check in on one another and don’t neglect your spiritual life and worship.  We will reevaluate after this two-week cycle.
  2. Gallatin:  We will resume corporate meetings this Sunday, July 19th, at 10:30 am.  Gallatin is a younger congregation, and it is easier to social distance there.  The numbers of COVID cases are not as high as Davidson County.  We encourage those who are ready to gather together to join in the Gallatin worship on 1530 Pilot View Drive.  The services will be the same, and Gallatin will also be live on Facebook at 10:30 am.
  3. The Gospel Compass online ministry is in full swing.  We have launched a podcast and continue to put new content on Facebook, YouTube, and our new podcast.  This resource is available 24/7.  Don’t forget that you can continue your faithfulness in giving through our online portal at www.goodlettsville.church or www.gallatinchurch.church.

These are difficult days for us all, and we are doing our best to navigate them.  Pray for us as we pray for you.  It is not fun being a church leader during this time.  We miss you and love you all. 

“Gallatin Update with Pastor Daniel”

Important stuff that YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Check out the links below by clicking on the blue boxes beneath the pictures. From the church website, you’ll be able to see more information, give online, watch Sunday morning sermons and stay up to date with current information!

To view the list of church members, loved ones, and family members who need your prayers, please click here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s newsletter. Have a blessed week and we hope to see you soon at Goodlettsville Church!

Sunday’s Message:  “Dyeing to Know Jesus”  
Acts 16

Please join us Sunday, July 19th at our Gallatin Campus, for our Sunday morning services with worship and preaching. You may also watch online if you are unable to get out.  You are also welcome to give us your feedback on the Facebook page and communicate with one another even while the service is going on.

We’ve included the links to our Goodlettsville and Gallatin Facebook pages as well as our YouTube page.

Goodlettsville Church Website:


Gallatin Church Website:

Goodlettsville Facebook Page:

Gallatin Facebook Page:

Church Youtube Page:

Dear Church Family,

For kindness shown through the way you cared…
for thoughtfulness and the blessings shared…Thank you & God Bless You!
Margaret Callis


Dear Church Friends,

What an unexpected blessing when you showed up to sing and bless me with wonderful gifts and your joyful presence.  I love and miss you all so much!  God is so good.  Thank you again.  
Love to all,
Laura Beth Ayers


Dear Members of GCPC,

Thank you so much for all the kindnesses that you have shown to me recently.  Thank you for the visit and all the gifts in the “Goodie” bag.  I am now & will continue to enjoy the items in it.

I love you all,
Mae Mefford

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

What a wonderful surprise for al whole crowd of friends from our church to come for a visit.  George and “Little George” were so thrilled to see you.  I was running errands and missed it  I arrived home about then minutes after you left.  We miss our church so very much,  We can’t wait to get back where we belong, but George has so may health problems that is is dangerous for him to be out in public.  We have enjoyed the services on Facebook, but it is just not the same. We are very thankful for those who are working to bring them to us.  We love you all,

George, Evelyn & Little George James


Church Family,

What a nice surprise awaited me at my door. I was expecting only Nathan Gallaher, and was greeted by a group of smiling faces and warm greetings, and even “bearing gifts.” What a boost to my sometimes lagging spirit.  A big Thank you to my group out visiting on such a hot day.  I love my church family, and they certainly made me feel loved. 
Many thanks to all who worked to bring this about.
With His Love,
Judy Pratt

Dear Church Members,

It was such a lovely surprise to return home from the grocery and find the sign with the kind words on it, and to the wonderful gift bag hanging on the door.  There is nothing like chocolate to boost your spirits – in fact, I just loved everything in the bag.
Thank you so much.  It means a lot to know that you are being thought of and hope to see everyone again soon at church.

Tyler and Libby Riggins


Dear Church,

Thank you to the people for the visit at my residence in Hendersonville – The visit was short, but very well remembered – Thanks for the beautiful singing of Hymns. Thank you to the church for the memorable visit.

Bob VanVonderen


Dear Church,

Thank you so much for a visit to my home. I was at work but was so excited someone thought to come to my house and leave a gift at my door. It lifted my spirits.  Thank you so much.

Gwen Walker 

Links you need:

Promiseland/Playhouse Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/promiseland.kids/

Promiseland Kids Instagram https://www.instagram.com/promiselandkids/

Branch Student Ministry Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/241627310231/

Branch Student Ministry Instagram https://www.instagram.com/gcpcbranchyouth/

Families…don’t forget to check out
for all kinds of resources from cradle to college for them & you!  New content added every week!


Tammy Sykes

Next Gen Ministry Director

Goodlettsville/Gallatin Church



Playhouse Preschoolers

Join Ms. Madie, Ms. Allyson & Mrs. Tammy on Wednesday nights at 7 PM for “Bedtime Bible Stories”.  Zoom invites will be emailed. If you did not receive an invite to this week’s “Bedtime Bible Stories”, please let us know by messaging Tammy at gcpctammy@comcast.net for a zoom invite. 

Tammy Sykes

Next Gen Ministry Director

Church Family,

Our church directory is now available online for you to view. We hope you will find the most current information about our church family. You will be able to edit your info and add a picture of your family or yourself. If you have any questions or don’t see your information, please email Kathy at:gcpckathy@comcast.net.

Please use the link and password below to access the directory. 
Password is: gcpctn

Giving to God during COVID-19

The church is often accused of being “Consumer Christians” because of how and why they give. They often don’t give if they aren’t in worship. They don’t give if they are mad about something. They give more if they like what the church is doing. Basically, they pay for the value they think they are receiving. This is not biblical giving.

Biblical giving is the realization, in the life of a believer, that God has provided everything they have. They understand that they are stewards of HIS resources. They give unconditionally to Him in response to how much He has entrusted to them. The Body of Christ, His church, is the vehicle God has given us as a receptacle for our offerings. The church administrates these gifts under the careful oversight of pastors, elders, deacons and finance committees.

This is a time to remember that we are not consumers. We are those who have received unmerited favor and we give unconditionally to Christ through His church. We have established online giving through our websites and you are also welcomed to mail your offerings to 226 South Main Street Goodlettsville, TN 37072.

May God Bless you for your faithfulness!

Your Elders and Deacons


Goodlettsville General Fund Offering: $7,184.00
Over & Above Missions: $25.00
Promiseland Food Pantry: $100.00
Small Business Blessings: $1,120.00
Total: $8,429.00

Online Giving General Fund: $10,890.00
LAL: $270.00
Music: $30.00
Total: $11,190.00
Total Giving Goodlettsville: $18,074.00
Gallatin Offering Online: $1,770.00

Total Giving Gallatin: $1,770.00

During this time, our Shut-ins need some much-needed love.  Please consider sending them a card or giving them a call while we are at home for the next couple of weeks.  Below is a list of our Shut-ins with their address and phone number.  If you know of someone in the church that is not on this list, please let me know, and I will add them.  So let’s Belong / Grow / Serve and show our love to these precious people.


Don Brown      (615) 306.4663
Steve Cook     (615) 478.2522
Michael Davis  (615) 207.8841
Nathan Gallaher  (615) 440.8492
Gail Garrett   (615) 972.0621
Martha Hager   (615) 419.7858
Bill Hoffman (615) 202.3626
Vincent Lopez   (615) 596.8629
Cheryl Resha   (615) 838.4028
Roy Ayers  (615) 927.6040
Chris Broander   (615) 330.3977
Greg Edrington  (615) 626.5339
Dianne Harden  (615) 310.2276
Keith Ford  (615) 473.2640
Cody Richardson  (615) 207.2639
Theresa Stanfill  (615) 430.9061
Dwight Thomas  (615) 906.2223
Evan Tomlin (615) 803.0542
Sharon Been   (615) 812.6948
Ted Brown  (615) 707.0935

Nathan Gallaher – (615) 440.8492
Theresa Stanfill – (615).430.9061


Check out our online giving…It is easy to use, and you can run it through your checking, credit, or debit card.  It is safe and secure, and you can designate it to different funds. Also, you can see what you have given throughout the year.  If you have any questions, please call Kathy Dawson at 615.859.5888 or 563.210.1806.  You may also click on the link below to sign-up for online giving!  We hope you will give it a try!  https://www.goodlettsville.church/give/

Mailing Address:
Goodlettsville/Gallatin Church 
226 S Main Street * Goodlettsville, TN 37072

Gallatin Location:
1570 Pilot View Gallatin

Office Hours: Mon., Tues., Wed. –  9 am – 4 pm, at the Church
Thursdays & Fridays – Staff, working from home.
Church Office Phone Number: 615.859.5888 – Please leave a message if calling Thursday or Friday, your call will be returned on Monday.  If you need assistance before Monday, please email Kathy at gcpckathy@comcast.net or call 563.210.1806

Lead Pastor
Tim Stutler
Associate Pastor
Daniel Evans
Next Gen Director
Tammy Sykes

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